Educational day entitled “ISO 9001 in Gaza

 The Department of Industrial Engineering at the Islamic University of Gaza organized an educational day on the story of the success of ISO 9001 in Gaza Strip. It was held in the public conference hall in A-Quds Building and attended by Dr. Farid Al-qeeq – Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, and Dr. Mohammed Abu Haiba – Head of Department of Industrial Engineering, and representatives from a number of institutions and companies applying the ISO system, and members of the faculty and students of the Department of Industrial Engineering


Opening Session

In his speech in the opening session of the educational day, Dr. A-qeeq clear the attention paid by academic institutions for getting the global system of Quality (ISO) to support their academic programs. Dr. Al-qeeq noted the importance of the system in the development of the staff, and academic programs, explaining that the system focuses on the technical aspects which are consistent with the system in the Department of Industrial Engineering. Dr. Al-qeeq wished that the subjects of the educational day will be an incentive for institutions and local companies to get the ISO certificate and apply the systems in their businesses.


Dr. Abu Haiba showed that the educational day discusses many issues related to the global system of quality (ISO), including: definition of ISO 9001, and the Palestinian Certificate of Quality, and the role of consultancy firms for companies to get ISO, as well as evaluating the application of ISO in the Palestinian companies in Gaza Strip. Dr. Abu Haiba emphasized the importance of applying the ISO system in good performance, and achieving the desired goals.


The First Session

For the scientific sessions in the educational day, there was two sessions, where the first scientific meeting was chaired by Dr. Salah Al-Agha – faculty member, Department of Industrial Engineering.


Dr. Abdul Shukri – faculty member, Department of Industrial Engineering – defined the concepts of quality, and ISO 9001. He also spoke about the relationship between ISO and quality systems, benefits for companies and institutions in the event of obtaining a certificate of quality, and requirements for obtaining the ISO. Dr. Shukri showed the difference between ISO 9001 and the relevant systems of quality, and ISO 14001, the relevant environmental issues.


Engineer Mosa Astal – consultant of quality systems – addressed the role of consultancy firms for companies to get ISO, factors that lead to using ISO, and the need for Consulting. Engineer Astal showed the attributes of the adviser, including: appropriate experience and scientific background, and his qualities of moral, such as: honesty and sincerity, and has skills in communication and the ability in integrative and knowledgeable work. Engineer Astal summarized the role of advisor: the development of systems and quality standards, and the development of competencies of quality management and continuous improvement to maintain quality.


Engineer Raed Abu Shahla – Chairman Department of Quality Assurance in Badr Al-Din Redaisi – reviewed the company’s experience in obtaining international quality certification “ISO 9001”, and the workflow within the company through a commitment to the system by senior management, and human resources. Engineer Abu Shahla drew the company’s goal to satisfy customers and satisfy their desires providing the best services

The Second Session

With regard to the second scientific session, it was chaired by Dr. Mohammed Abu Haiba. During the session, Mr. Samih Haddad presented case study to obtain the ISO, indicating the requirements for obtaining the ISO, and advantages of obtaining the certificate. Dr. Shukri reviewed during his presentation a working paper on behalf of the engineer Halima Abdul Aziz – of BECTA Company – an assessment of the application of ISO companies in Gaza Strip. He addressed the requirements to achieve quality in the organization, and the support structures for quality. He also showed, through the illustrations and charts, the development of companies and institutions after obtaining the ISO, the procedures required for the company to get the ISO, and the company results after getting ISO.

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