Engineering Faculty, at IUG, Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Tourism and Archeology

Engineering Faculty, at IUG, Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Tourism and Archeology.

On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Archeology, Prof. Mohammed Al-Agha, Minister of Tourism and Archeology, signed the agreement and Dr. Kamalain K. Sha’ath, IUG president, on behalf of Islamic University of Gaza.

Prof. Shafik Jendia, Dean of Engineering Faculty, Dr. Ahmed Muhaysen, Director of Engineering Studies and Consultancy Center and members of Engineering Faculty council attended the protocols of signing the memorandum.

According to the memorandum, the Engineering Studies and Consultancy center, at IUG, will provide the ministry with engineering and technical services in order to preserve the archeological sites in Gaza Strip and rehabilitate them.

The two parties are going to collaborate in order to provide the needs of rebuilding the archeological sites.

Prof. Al-Agha appreciated the great efforts of IUG and engineering faculty in serving the community shedding light on the role of IUG in preserving the architectural heritage. He highlighted discovering an archeological site in Rafah related to the Greek testament and opening Al-Basha Palace that contains antiques from before 4000 years.

Dr. Sha’ath assured that IUG seeks for serving the community and doing social projects. Dr. Sha’ath added that the university is interested in dealing with significant topics like preserving the archeological heritage.

It’s worth mentioning that engineering studies and consultancy center was established 2 years ago at engineering faculty, and it aims at providing engineering consultancies and services to public and private establishments.

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