Computer Engineering Department at IUG Organizes Two Scientific Lectures Delivered by Two Arab Professors

Dr. Wisam Ashour, Head of Computer Engineering Department, Dr. Ayman Abo- Samra, Engineer. Mahmoud Al- Kord, Engineer. Mohammed Al- Ser, staff members in the department and students registered in the courses of information resource management and software engineering attended two lectures at the smart room at IUG. The two lectures were delivered by Prof. Fathi Al- Tanzakhti from Nazwa Omani University and Prof. Ali AL- Mili from the Technical Institute in New Jersey.

Prof. AL- Tanzakhti’s lecture was on e-commerce, and he talked about industrial value chains, models of revenues and the e-commerce applied in the world.

The other lecture delivered by Prof. Al- Mili was on measuring the cost of failure, and he discussed matrices of reliability, betting and equations of measuring the cost of failure.


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