The Fourth Engineering And Technology Forum at IUG

Under the sponsorship of Gaza Power Company, Al-Haddad Brothers for Industry and Commerce, Sultan for Electronic Devices and General Trade, Jawwal Company, Hadara Company, Research and Project Laboratory, at the Engineering Faculty, at IUG, organized the Fourth Technological Engineering Forum.

Dr. Dr. Yusif Al-Mansi, Minister of Communications and IT Ministry, Mp. Jamal N. El-Khodari, IUG Board of Trustees chairman, Dr. Kamalain K. Sha’ath, IUG President, Dr. Shafeq Jondia, Engineering Faculty Dean, Dr. Fadi Al-Nahal, Director of Research and Project Laboratory, university board members, Engineering Faculty staff members, students, local institutions, attended the first session of the Forum.

Under the theme “Challenge Results Creativity”, the Research and Project Laboratory starts the activities of the The Fourth Engineering And Technology Forumaiming at exposing the talents of students, local institutions and the creative role of IUG to face the challenges.

In his speech at the opening session, Dr. Al-Mansi referred to the good relations and rank among the local, regional and international universities despite the challenges that have been facing IUG during its academic way. Dr. Al-Mansi confirmed that the Ministry of Communications and IT will continue its cooperation with the university to have a better community and to give more chances for graduates to be in the market.

MP El-Khodari confirmed that the Forum will support the meaning of steadfast and stability of the Palestinian people adding that this will reflect a positive image of the community at the conditions of suffering and closure

MP El-Khodari added that the Forum will offer a model of giving, creativity, integration, and the ability to have university teamwork.

During its 32 years of achievement, the university has got many scientific awards and graduation projects of students that serve the Palestinian community in scientific and technological fields, and other community services” MP El-Khodari added.

MP El-Khodari calls upon the Arab, Islamic and international institutions to adopt those creative projects in this field to break the imposed siege, to alleviate the suffering and to reduce the unemployment rate, and gain experience and skill.


Dr. Shaath considered that such a forum will be a sample of scientific research, networking and mutual cooperation, and community service ideas for a progressed development thanking the Engineering Faculty for their efforts in rebuilding what was destroyed in the recent war in the Gaza Strip, referring to the achievements of the faculty adding that the recent Prize from Islamic Development Bank for the Faculty of Engineering also will be added to the faculty’s historical progress.

Prof. Jondia considered that the title of the forum expresses the situation in Gaza Strip generally and the Islamic University of Gaza particularly. He added that the activities of the faculty links that past with the future. Dr. Jondia said that this forum comes in the period at which the faculty won the Islamic Development Prize. Moreover, he said that 34 Palestinian establishments that work in the field of engineering, technology, industry, education and environment participated in the forum in addition to the participation of 30 researches and projects done by instructors and students from IUG.

Dr. Nahal showed that this forum is an expansion of other previous forums that were held by the faculty saying that it highlights the great projects and researches done by the students. Furthermore, he considered that the forum helps students to find jobs by showing their projects and great ideas. He also talked about the importance of collaboration with institutions and companies in order to help students and the community as well.

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