Engineering Faculty, at IUG, Hold its Third International Conference On Engineering & Reconstructing Gaza

The Faculty of Engineering, at IUG, held the Third International Conference on Engineering and Gaza Reconstruction , in cooperation Gaza Engineering Syndicate and other national and international institutions .

MP. Jamal N. Al-Khodari, IUG Board of Trustees Chairman, Dr. Kamalain K. Sha’ath, IUG President, Dr. Shafiq Jondia, Faculty of Engineering Dean, Kana’an Obeid, Gaza Engineering Syndicate deputy, ministers, representatives of national local and regional institutions attended the first session of the conference .

This third International conference on Gaza reconstruction, discussing and preparing a plan of action for the reconstruction programme, is an important forum for us all and anyone who is interested in the reconstruction.” Professor Nasser Golzari, Architect and Senior Lecturer Design Modular Leader at Westminster University, confirmed during the first day of the conference .

In our recent visit to Gaza What we saw was at one level a very urgent situation which calls on all t he communities, national and international- to act and not to wait for ‘ easing of the blockade’.” Professor Golzari added .

If IUG takes the initiative to lead I am sure the international communities , institutions or simply individuals will be there to help to break the siege and attempt to isolate people of Gaza. Pofessor Golzari confirmed .

MP Al-Khodari talked about the outcome of this conference which aims at reconstructing the Gaza Strip after the recent war in December 2008 adding that this conference is an important initiative to facilitate the life of the Palestinian community .

This conference will be an opportunity to present and observe the latest research, results, and ideas in these areas. The conference should help the Palestinians in the reconstruction process efforts of Gaza due to the latest Israeli war on Gaza Strip. MP Al-Khodari added .

Dr. Sha’ath confirmed that the Faculty of Engineering took a practical lead and start inventive initiatives where private and public sector can work together to challenge destruction and undermine the intentions of occupational forces as they did win the Islamic Development Bank Prize despite the fact that it lost all its labs during the attack .

The conference will provide a unique research outcomes and helpful recommendations for many local, regional and international agencies that may be heavily involved in the efforts of Gaza reconstruction in the immediate future.” Dr. Sha’ath added .

Dr. Jondia confirmed that more than 90 Arab and foreign researchers , professors, specialists in the fields of engineering from Palestine, Iraq, Malaysia, Germany, Britain, America, Italy adding that the conference might have a successful preparation for the efforts of the Gaza reconstruction .

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