90 Researchers, at IUG Conference, Call for Gaza Reconstruction

The Third International Conference of Engineering and reconstruction of Gaza, that was organized by the Faculty of Engineering at the Islamic University, in collaboration with the Palestinian and Jordanian Engineers’ Syndicates, with the participation of more than 90 researchers from various national and international institutions who prepared about 60 valuable papers, recommend : unity of the different Palestinian efforts in the phase of reconstruction, activation of the social solidarity ; integration of the institutional work in the recent future to increase the effectiveness of various efforts focused on the reconstruction of Gaza.

During the conference, participants confirmed on training engineers to work under pressure in addition to having the ability to managing during crisis; participants also added that there should be a recovery for local engineering in the Gaza Strip, which was severely affected during the imposed siege in addition to the latest war.

The Conference emphasized on having a strategic plan for sustainable development that fit the needs of society to achieve the benefit from the reconstruction phase; in addition to recommendations related to environmental issues, water resources, roads and engineering infrastructure.


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