Funded by French Consulate, and in Cooperation with UNESCO, IWAN Center Started to Maintain “Tal Um Amer” Site

Architectural Heritage Center “Iwan”, at the Faculty of Engineering, started the project of maintaining, “Tal Um Amer,” Archaeological site, which is one of the most important archaeological sites in Palestine, as a site of a Christian monastery goes back to the fourth century, south of Gaza City.

Prof. Shafiq Jondia – Faculty of Engineering Dean, declared that the project is implemented in partnership between Iwan center , UNESCO and the Evangelical School for monuments in Jerusalem, funded by the French Consulate.

The project aims at preserving the architectural heritage of the Palestinian people, and to raise awareness of its cultural importance.

Prof. Jondia confirmed that this project represents a great step in the joint work between the Islamic University and the international institutions that are keen of preserving cultural heritage.

Dr. Ahmad Muheisen – Director of Iwan Center, assured that the implementation of the project is directed in collaboration with French experts Rene Alter, and John-Bataste, adding that the project will include different episodes started with cleaning the site, repairing its mosaic floors, protecting the site, ending with having the chance for site to be a center for tourism that show an important era in the history of the Gaza Strip.

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