Civil Engineering Department held a study day on the needs of the traffic situation of the city of Gaza

Department of Civil Engineering- Faculty of Engineering, The Islamic University of Gaza has organized a study day on the traffic situation of Gaza City, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Shafiq Jendia – Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Nabil El Sawalhi – Head of Civil Engineering, Dr. Issam Masri – Supervisor of Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Engineering, Mr. Ibrahim Abu Giap – Director of General Directorate of Traffic in the Middle Area, ministry of interior, Engineer Khalil El Shaqra – Deputy Director of Traffic Affairs in the municipality of Gaza, and Mohamed Al okshia – from the Department of Engineering and Traffic Safety in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and a gathering of members of the faculty and students from the Department of Civil Engineering.

Opening Session

In his speech to the opening session of the study day, Dr. Jendia drew to the society responsibility of the Faculty of Engineering towards the pressing issues that touch the reality of the society. Dr. Jendia confirmed on the contributions carried out by the College of Engineering to develop the society through the provision of engineering consultancy, preparation of research and scientific studies, as well as provide the society with outstanding graduates. Dr. Jendia spoke on the strong relations between the institutions of the local community and the college, Also professor Jendia has called  the concerned ministries and institutions to study the recommendations and the practical results of the extra-curricular activities held by the college.

Creative and practical plans

In turn, Dr. Sawalhi explained the need of Gaza City, as the busiest in terms of population, to the creative and scientific plans which contribute in the organization of traffic, saving time and effort to the citizens, and the keep the order and laws in place,.

Dr. Sawalhi has spoken about the achievements of the Municipality of Gaza and the Ministry of Transport and transportation in the alleviation of congestion, traffic management, and drew Dr. Sawalhi to the role of the civil engineering department in the study of the dimensions of real issues through research and scientific studies and host of experienced and competent persons.


Four lectures were conducted in the study day. Dr Elmasri presented during the first scientific session a study on traffic congestion in the intersections of Gaza City.

Dr Elmasri explained the need of existing network of roads in Gaza City to further studies of traffic based on a scientific basis properly to meet the needs of the population increase. Dr Elmasri reviewed with pictures and graphs the results of analysis of traffic count in Gaza City.

Congestion at peak time

Mr Abu Giap explained the plans for the General Traffic Department to manage congestion at peak time, and the organization of car park and taxis parking and some jams areas through the organization of traffic in the universities square, and the removal of all barriers within the junctions.

Mr Abu Giap reported about the role of the General Directorate of Traffic in the using technology in the performance of its functions, including: control of traffic congestion and ensure traffic safety for all road users.

Traffic Systems

Eng Al shaqra explained, through illustrations plans, the Municipality of Gaza management of traffic crisis in the city, Engineer Al okshia explained the traffic systems and the role of the Ministry in the development of Transport and Communications, summarized the objectives of the ministry in developing laws and policies and regulations of the transport sector, and support investment in the transport sector, and strengthen cooperation between the Ministry and the concerned, and the maintenance of security and safety on the road.  Engineer Al okshia reviewed the achievements of the ministry at the level of traffic situation, including: the computerization of traffic signals using geographic information systems, and holding sessions on road safety.

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