Lean Construction Lecture Through Videoconference

Department of Civil Engineering held a lecture titled: “Lean Construction”, with vidio conference, by Prof. Dr. Gregory Howell – the co-founder and directors of the Institute of “Lean Construction Institute (LCI)” United States of America. Dr. Kamalin Kamel Shaath – President of the Islamic University , Prof. Dr. Rifat Rustom – Vice President for emerging relationships and information technology, Dr. Nabil Sawalhi – Head of Civil Engineering, and Professor Dr. Adnan Enshassi, and master’s degree students  in construction management..

The lecturer  give specific definition of this new branch of knowledge and methods applications. Prof. Dr. Howell talked on the methods of re-thinking in the Critical Path Method for project management, and how it can be effective and in conformity with what is happening on the ground.

Dr. Howell said that the method of lean construction aims to achieve positive cooperation in the site among all the parties to reach the desired goal and the organization of project work as a production process based on the project a true partnership.

Dr. Howell explained that the lean construction aimed at creating an ongoing process to reduce waste during the construction phase, resulting in reduced time and cost, and thus the value of the project is to provide the highest and best value for the owner

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