New Trends in Cement Industry

Department of Civil Engineering – Faculty of Engineering, in the Islamic University has organized a lecture about the new prospects in the cement industry, the lecture hosted by Dr. Hossam Al Aqraa – a visiting scholar from France. The lecture was held in the meetings hall of the Faculty of Engineering- Administration Building and in the presence of Prof. Dr. Shafiq Jendia  – Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Fred Qiek , and Dr. Mohammed Hussain – Vice-Deans of the Faculty of Engineering, and Dr. Nabil Sawalhi, Head of Civil Engineering Department , and a group of faculty members, Department of Civil Engineering, and the number of engineers and interested parties.

Dr. Al Aqraa explained the constituent elements of cement, and its composition. Dr. Aqra summarized the conditions must be met to establish a plant concrete, some of which: to be adjacent to the quarry cement, and a railway or highway. Dr Aqraa classified the cement into two classes,  white & ordinary cement .


Dr. Aqraa explained the methods of extraction and milling of raw quarry of the cement industry until the plant which is done by two ways, namely: the manual method, or by chains and internal tubes.   Dr. Aqraa  reviewed a group of scientific research in the area of the cement industry, and ways to study and examine the cement components

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