Student branch of IEEE has been activated

The Faculty of Engineering has held a festive meeting to activate the student branch of the Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE. Prof Jondia,  dean of the Engineering College  has stated that this event marks the resumption of the Assembly for its activities at the Islamic University and to take its place again among Arab and foreign universities.

Dr. Ab- Hudrouss, head of Electrical Engineering Department, has confirmed that the department wants to consolidate the relationship between the student and the department through a dynamic interactive environment where the skills of students are developed away from the atmosphere of the classrooms.

 Then Dr. Kamal Ghoneim, dean of Student Affairs, has stressed the keenness to support such activities, and harnessing the right environment for success.

After that, Dr. Basil Hamad gave a presentation on the history of the student branch affirming that it was the first branch, which was opened in Palestine in 1999. Since that time, the Branch provided many services for students such as training courses, scientific trips, and scientific seminars for specialists from inside and outside the university.

The student Hussein Qeshta, branch manager, has explained the mechanism to participate in the IEEE and the benefits that accrue to the student of this subscription, such as free copy of scientific journals and to reduce the fee of the training sessions, and to reduce fees for participating in scientific conferences.

Finally at the conclusion of the meeting, the there were withdrawal of awards to include free subscription to IEEE  and the reduction of 50 % on courses’ fees, which will be held during the summer.

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