Lecture about Palestinian labor law

The Department of Civil Engineering Faculty of Engineering, Islamic University held a lecture on the laws and rights of workers. The lecture was held in the conference hall of public building in the presence of Dr. / Kamalin Shaath – Chairman of the Islamic University, Dr. Nabil Sawalhi – Head of Civil Engineering Department, and both Mr  Muhammad Al-Haddad, and Mr. Raed Abu-Ata , the legal assistants in the Ministry of Labour, and a group of faculty members, Department of Civil Engineering, and students from the department.

Dr. Sawalhi said that the holding of the lecture comes to acquaint students with the laws and rights of workers, and the explaining of the Palestinian Labor Law No. (7) for 2000. Dr. Sawalhi drew to the importance of holding the extra-curricular activities to enrich the outcome of scientific students, and introduce them to the nature of the work of local community institutions, and strengthen the theoretical side with practical aspects.

Mr. Haddad defined the Palestinian Labor Law as a set of rules and procedures that govern the relationship between the parties to production: the worker and employer, and that the provisions of the Palestinian Labor law applies to all workers and employers in Palestine, except for three categories: government employees and local bodies, and served homes, family members of the employer of first class.

Mr. Haddad explained to the nature of the individual employment contract and the obligations of serving the direction of the employer, including: the performance of the agreed work as instructed by the employer, commitment to working to maintain the secrets of work, the observance of decency and morality at work.

Mr. Haddad pointed to cases in which ends the employment contract the individual, and situations under which the employer may terminate the employment contract of one party without notice to this Group.

Mr. Haddad spoke about the end of service bonus, and the maximum hours of work.

Mr. Abu-Ata has spoken about to the provisions for a period of weekly holiday, including: that the worker is entitled to a holiday period with pay not less than (24) consecutive hours.  Mr  Abu Atta conclouded about the leave due to employer’s performance of the worker, spoke about the procedures to be done at the time of injury, including: first aid and evacuated to the nearest treatment center, and to notify the Ministry in writing within (48) hours from the moment of injury.

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