Department of Computer Engineering organizes a scientific lecture about penetrating networks based on analysis of the volume of data traffic

of Computer Engineering in Faculty of Engineering at Islamic University organized
a lecture entitled: “Traffic Analysis Attack”.
The lecture was held in the conference hall of Taiba
building in the presence of Dr. Mohammed Alhanjour
i, Head of Computer
Engineering Department, Eng. Wazen Shbair, staff
member at Computer Engineering Department, and a number of students in the
Department of Computer Engineering

Shbair addressed the ways and means by which to impede the process of
eavesdropping on the network for any institution. As well as, Eng. Shbair noted
to the importance of hiding the data on the Internet and circulation of it
confidentiality.        He pointed to the
importance of withholding such data and protecting it from intrusion or theft,
especially in the applications of the banks, financial markets, and the
security units that share important information frequently.

his part, Dr. Alhanjouri praised the level of scientific material presented by Eng.
Shbair for students in the Department of Computer Engineering, through the use
of modern scientific methods in the presentation of the lecture. Dr. Alhanjouri
explained that the scientific lecture comes as a continuation of a series of
activities organized by the department to develop the skills and experiences of
strengthen the theoretical courses with scientific and
practical aspects, and benefit from the experience of
the working people in the institutions of local community.

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