Scientific Lecture of the Department of Computer Engineering, entitled, “Image retrieval based on content”

Department of
Computer Engineering at the Islamic University organized a lecture entitled:
“Image retrieval based on content”. The lecture was held in the
conference hall of Taiba building.
The lecture was hosted by Eng. Ruba Salama. The lecture was attended by a gathering
of staff members of Computer Engineering Department and students from the

Eng. Ruba provided an explanation of the
techniques and algorithms used in the process of searching for images side with
the properties of images, rather than the image name or description of the
image, in addition to displaying statistics and results of the work of these
techniques and in which the rate of success to 80%.

Dr. Mohammed Alhanjouri praised the
lecture and what it contained of information capable of opening wide horizons
for research in this area before the students of the Department and interested.

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